International Bujinkan Dojo Association Membership (Yearly)


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Your International Bujinkan Dojo Association (IBDA) Membership is an annual enrollment and starts the day that you join.

An IBDA Membership is a proof of membership in the Bujinkan. Get your official Bujinkan Membership ID Card good for any Bujinkan Instructor or Student.

Please Note:
As of Dec 2017, The Japan Hombu is no longer issuing annual membership cards. Soke has granted Doshi Richard Van Donk the authority to issue official Bujinkan memberships. It is Soke’s desire that all Bujinkan students align themselves with a DaiShihan as he is transferring more responsibility over to them now.

IBDA Membership includes our recognition to you by

1. Issuing you a Bujinkan Membership ID Card
2. Beautiful Wall Certificate – Downloadable from web portal
2. Issuing you an IBDA shoulder patch for your uniform,
3. Allowing you to rank test with IBDA, if you are enrolled in an IBDA dojo or eligible course.
4. Ninja Vault Access – Online
5. Online IBDA Membership Area with lots of information on what IBDA offers.
6. No application is necessary, unless you are rank testing with us.

Plus Much More…

And it only costs $40 a year to belong.

NOTE: A current IBDA membership is Required to test with IBDA, in any form.