Gyokko Ryu – Nidan Binder (2nd Degree Blackbelt)


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Learn the Gyokko Ryu Wazas Step-by-Step!

Learn the Kukishinden Ryu Hanbo wazas Step-by-Step!

Learn the Kanji Strokes for all the Gyokko Ryu waza.


The Gyokko Ryu school is at the core of the study of the Bujinkan teachings as it builds much of the foundations to the art. At IBDA we study this school in-depth along with the hanbo of Kukishinden Ryu for 2nd degree Black Belt. We also encourage the study of the Budo Taijutsu Course just after the completion of the Ninjutsu Shodan Course material. 

The GYOKKO RYU TRAINING COURSE Package includes a 263 page pictured Training Manual plus 4 DVDS:

Training Course Manual 263 pages with waza photo instruction that matches matching the dvd training, plus how to write the kanji strokes for each Gyokko Ryu waza name! 

What’s Inside the Nidan Course Binder Package?



DVD #1 
Jo Ryaku no Maki Waza

Level 1 Gyokko Ryu- 12 Unarmed vs Unarmed Waza Techniques

Koku                  – Empty Sky

Renyo               – Imperial Palanquin

Danshu             – Projectile Hand

Danshi                – Projectile Finger

Saka  Nagare – Reverse Flow

Keo                       – Seagull

Hane Bi – Leaping Flame

Keto                     – Imperial Fall

Yubi Kudaki – Finger Crush

Ketsu  Miyaku – Artery Squeeze

Sakketsu           – Killer Squeeze

Tei  Ken         – Hoof Fist

dvd2.jpg DVD  #2 
Chu Ryaku no Maki Waza
Level 2 Gyokko Ryu – 8 Unarmed vs Kodachi Waza Techniques

Ujaku              – Black Magpie

Seito                – Mackerel Drop

Dashin            – Catch and Shake

Korai               – Tiger Drop

Hosen              – Bee Tip

Ko                    – Well Sweep

Shien                – Lion Monkey

Horyaku          – Destructive Fall

dvd3.jpg DVD #3 
Ge Ryaku no Maki Waza

Level 3 Gyokko Ryu – 8 Unarmed vs Sword Waza Techniques                                   

Shun                                         U – Falcon Valiance

Shun                                         Soku – Falcon Foot

Ichi                                         Geki – First Attack

Kai                                         Soku – Vanguard Foot

Ko                                         Ryaku – Scoop and Sweep Over

Iai                                         Fu – Sword Draw Entrapment

Chingan                                         – Sinking Wild Goose

Fuu                                         – Wind Blow

dvd4.jpg DVD #4 
Kukishinden Ryu HanboJutsu

 Shoden / Chuden / Okuden level
16 Waza Techniques

Shoden  Level                                               9  Wazas

Chuden Level                                               4  Wazas

Okuden Level                                               3  Wazas

bg-binder.jpg Nidan IBDA Training Course Manual – 263 Pages!! There is not another more complete Nidan or Gyokko Ryu Study Manual on the planet. Never has there ever been such a complete presentation in the history of this several hundred year old school. This is a living version of the actual Jewel Tiger School densho. Again, realize that in no time in history could you ever have access to so much of one school, especially at such a low investment to learn the material. This is your opportunity- one that those that started in this art before never had.

The Manual contains History, Aspects of the art, Kamae, Moto Gata / Kihon Happo, Kosshi Sanpo, Sanshin No Kata, Baku-In,  How to write the kanji strokes for the waza  names, All the Gyokko ryu wazas in how to pictures taken directly from the dvd video lessons of the Jo Ryaku no maki, Chu Ryaku no maki, Ge Ryaku no maki  and the Kukishinden Ryu HanboJutsu Shoden / Chuden / Okuden levels.


FREE RARE BONUS – KUDEN (Secret Teachings of Gyokko Ryu)  BAKU-IN revealed for the first time are the Gyokko Ryu Mudras (hand seals) – Energy Transmissions

All the above is packaged into a beautiful Binder Course.

The Training Manual and DVDs are packaged into a beautiful Nidan Binder Course so you can take it anywhere. 

Complete Gyokko Ryu – IBDA Nidan Certification Course Package #Course-Nidan $297 Special Only $279-

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