Decuerdas Eskrima – Black Belt Course (Binder)



DYNAMIC DeCuerdas Eskrima is one of the deadliest close-in blade fighting systems in the world.

I will be bold here and make this claim “If you do not know how to handle knife and stick attacks your martial art skills are very limited and it may cost you your life in a real threat.”

Why? The world is full of knives and sticks and they come into the fight all to often. You must add this kind of training to your martial art skills! True knife and stick skills are very limited in Mixed martial Arts training, Ninjutsu, Jujitsu, Judo, Karate and most all other arts but they are everywhere.

This DeCuerdas System is a stand alone system and also works well with any other martial art system. This Dynamic DeCuerdas system is an inside close in fighting system, unlike some other eskrima styles (and we do those too). The reason I mention that is because that is where the fight is and at that moment there is no turning back. You must be ready. DeCuerdas is a true ace in the hole.

The true system was once kept secret and handed down family to family. The late Grandmaster Gilbert Tenio openly taught a mixture of 19 Eskrima systems while keeping the core of the DeCuerdas teachings secret. It was only shortly before he died that Master Tenio passed down the actual true teachings of DeCuerdas to Grandmaster Richard Van Donk, and asked him not to let his art die.

Now Grandmaster Richard Van Donk is revealing them in a step by step, level by level teaching format. On these dvds you’ll find the true DeCuerdas teachings shown as both direct how-to instruction and then also in a dojo setting. This is the real art of DeCuerdas Eskrima.

Bushindo University offers you this distant learning Eskrima Home Study Course towards becoming an instructor in one of the most effective fighting systems in the world.

This DeCuerdas Eskrima Home Study Course material includes:

EIGHT BLACKBELT INSTRUCTION DVDs – eachone hour of action packed step-by-step instruction ($320 purchased separately). There are 2 DETAILED DVD’s per each of the 4 levels.

DeCuerdas BlackBelt 355 page How To in Pictures Training Manual ($120 value)

Embroidered uniform patch -a beautiful red and gold 6″ round Dynamic DeCuerdas Eskrima patch ($11 value).

Bushindo student registration package ($125 value) allowing you to test in person or by video.

2 Seminar DVDs of the late Grandmaster Tenio and Master Richard Van Donk. ($80 value)

A $650+ value for Only $379!! Special Only $297-